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Improve Your Smile

At The Gloucester Street Dental Practice we can help to improve your smile in many ways. In addition to whitening you can also get crowns and bridges as well as invisible braces for straightening your teeth.

Get that dazzling smile today.

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Achieve that Dazzling Hollywood Smile

If you have always wanted to achieve that Dazzling Hollywood Smile you will love the results of our teeth whitening treatments here at The Gloucester Street Dental Practice. After having your teeth whitened you will be proud to show off your smile at every opportunity!


The Saber Tooth White system that we use will ensure that you get to enjoy the confidence and improved appearance of beautifully white teeth. We have got many happy clients that have been delighted with the results that our teeth whitening treatment has helped them to achieve. You can look forward to enjoying the same dazzling finish.

Teeth Whitening

The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

You will benefit in many ways by having your teeth professionally whitened. This includes:


- A dazzling Hollywood smile

- Increased confidence

- Improved overall appearance

- Safe and affordable procedure

Why Professional Whitening?

There are many reasons why you should consider professional whitening, such as:


- Noticeably better results

- Whitening carried out by experts

- Safe and reliable products used

- Long lasting whiteness

We use the excellent Saber Tooth White system to ensure we can provide you with the best results possible.


I received this treatment and thought it was excellent, the difference was amazing, would highly recommend.  My dentist explained everything to me, how to fit the moulds and I went back after a fortnight to see how well it had worked.

May 2014

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